Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hello my dear friends. I am here to share my experience in online money making through this blog. I started earning money online a few months ago. At first I almost had to give up the idea of earning money online because of some fake websites from which I did not receive my payments. I don’t want to mention their names. Any way there are still some websites which do really pay.

In this post I would like to discuss about online survey programs. There are many online survey websites. Any way most of them do not support users outside U.S. But there are few which support users outside U.S. A W Surveys is one of them. In this website u can start earning money with zero investment. Just register A W Surveys (u can see a direct link left to this page) and get started. It will pay u 6$ on your welcome survey, And 4$ for the rest. U may require 3 to 5 min to complete each of the surveys. Currently the cash out amount is set to $75. You will not be able to redeem until you have met this minimum amount. Since it offers some of the highest paying surveys, and offers a great referral system it is not hard to reach a minimum payout limit of 75$.

At the time when u cash out your money that u have earned, u can opt for alertpay instead of paypal (see a direct link left side to register) if you are not a U.S user. Even though paypal does not support your country u can at least receive a Cheque from alert pay.

So what you are waiting for?? Signup for A W Surveys free account and get started.

I will discuss about advertising and affiliate programs and also some use full tips in my upcoming posts.

You are most welcome to share your experiences (if u have any) through comments.